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Do You Want To Release Your Inner Warrior?

The Warrior Fit Transformation is a complete lifestyle transformation system. Let's be honest deep down inside we all want to bad ass whether we are male or female. Usually, we are lost on how to totally transform our mind and body. This is a private coaching support community giving you the tools you need to make that transformation. You can utilize all the tools in the group or just the ones you need.

At Warrior Fitness Camp, we want to see people truly transform into a healthy balanced lifestyle. We know the key elements needed in this process are structure, program, support, and accountability. This type of transformation occurs over months time, so we made it super affordable for you to get all the attention and support you need without breaking your pockets.

No matter your age, or fitness level we have the perfect plan for you. Watch how you get stronger, develop lean sexy muscle, incinerate fat, and gain energy throughout this process. All it takes is making that CHOICE to move in the right direction.

Check out Momma Blake's Transformation! She is in her 60's 

Lost Over 45 lbs. 

See What Susan Shotko Had to Say

 "Before Warrior Fit I was Sluggish, Tired, and Weak. I took the challenge I lost 10 lbs. I found my definition in my muscles. Clothes went from uncomfortable to comfortable. I was just ecstatic with the change I saw in my body."

weight loss transformation

See what Elaine Price Had to Say

"I started at 145 today I'm about 131. Best thing that has come into my life.  I was ready to throw in the towel. Just dive into my grave. Now I feel like I can't wait to get up and get with the Warrior"

The Transformation Journey Begins Now

Once you get enrolled. We perform a comprehensive assessment. Understanding your health and current fitness level is key to developing the proper plan for success.

The Process

  • Health And Fitness Evaluation
  • Develop SMART Goals
  • Discover your WHY
  • Create SMART Promises
  • Put Your PLAN into Action


We will develop SMART goals to assure a clear vision and path for getting the results you want. We will dig deep and truly uncover your WHY.  Program, structure, and accountability are 3 key elements to your success. Are you ready to make the transformation of your life?

Don't Take It From Me. See What They Say on Social Media

"I'm so lucky to be part of this group and to have a coach who is there to support me every step of the way in this journey"


"Last Month I really stepped up and with the help of my coach, I thank God for you Joey Salpietro and the group for pushing me through this. I started seeing results within the first week."


"I've been part of a few groups on facebook and you truly keep in touch with your people and I appreciate that"


What makes Warrior Fitness Camp Different?

The bottom line is getting you the results you desire. Giving you the coaching and support you need to hit those goals are incredibly important to us. We always strive to set ourselves apart from the competition.

  • FitRanx Fitness Ranking System. Learn More Here
  • Personalized Coaching
  • ProCoach Software Powered by Precision Nutrition.
  • Self-Care Saturday's Coffee With Coach
  • Weekly Video Accountability Meetings
  • Weekly Goal Setting

Results Driven

ProCoach powered by Precision Nutrition

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  • "

     "it's just the beginning at over 45lbs down and gone forever"

    Cristin HIt's been an amazing journey and it's just the beginning at over 45lbs down and gone forever...Can't thank @coachjerseyjoey enough for all the support!!! Let's rock it out ."

     Cristin H
    Cristin H Financial Advisor, New Jersey