Small Group Personal Training

Warrior Fitness Camp is a challenging and super fun workout. Each class is always different. We work on everything from Strength, Conditioning, Kettlebells, Barbell, Complexes, BodyWeight, FitRanx, Kickboxing and OCR exercise movements. Circuit training style to ensure you get your Heart Rate and melt the fat away. Wether your a beginner or pro we have the perfect workout for you. We always modify and scale the exercise movements to your level of fitness. You can burn anywhere from 400-800 calories/class depending on your intensity level. You will improve your strength, endurance, flexibility, and stability.

This is much more than getting an instructor that teaches a large group class. Or a trainer that just tells you sets and reps. You are getting a personalized "COACH" at Warrior Fitness Camp. I will personally help you reach your GOAL getting you from point A to B. Then we will create another set of GOALS to get you to point C and so on.

In our Small Group Personal Training Classes there are never more than 9 people in any given class. So you get the Personal Training attention without the Personal Training cost, but still get to VIBE off the other Warriors energy in the class.

We are a family here at Warrior Fitness Camp. You will be gaining lifelong brothers and sisters in your transformation journey. You have a massive support structure behind you helping you achieve your goals.

I guarantee once you try a class at Warrior Fitness Camp you're going to LOVE IT!

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Small Group Fitness Davie