Discover How Kids Are Increasing Their Fitness all While Having Fun!

Kids Fitness Program Davie

What is Fitranx

FitRanX is a fun and effective way for your child to learn the benefits of exercise and eating healthy.
FitRanX For Kids brings Revolutionary Fitness training sessions along with Fitness Testing to the Kids. There are 9 FitRanX levels with Corresponding Colors that represent each level.

How Does FitRanx Work

FitRanX works through fitness levels.  There are 9 different levels with corresponding colors that represent each level.  For your child to progress from one level to the next, they will be completing certain exercises that have been proven to help overall health and movement.

Kids Fitness Program Davie

We make Fitness FUN!

Just like video games, FitRanX has different levels your child will work through that allows your child to have fun while working out and provides them with a sense of accomplishment when they complete each fitness level.
They also earn points for filling in their daily food log and completing fitness levels. They turn in these points for prizes on our website.

Student Dashboard

Every student receives a username and password to log for the member site so they can fill in their Daily Food Log from a home computer or handheld device.  The student is also able to view their progress and points earned for their achievements

Childrens fitness program davie

Each session is designed to teach your kid specific fitness principles that are the very foundation for a lifetime of healthy habits.  Our expert instructors understand how to effectively communicate with kids of all personality types and the workouts take place in an effective, safe, and FUN atmosphere!

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Daily Food Log

The system encourages your child to eat healthy with our simple to fill out food log that any child can do no matter what age.  The daily activity has been proven to increase the students responsibility through our award (reward) system.

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FINALLY!  A Fitness Program Designed To Be Safe, Effective, & FUN For Kids!

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Certificates and Dog Tags

In order for the student to progress from one level to the next, they must participate in a fitness test that uses specific exercises to determine strength within the exercises’ respective muscle groups.
There is also a conditioning portion required for each level’s advancement.
After each fitness level your student completes, they earn a certificate of completion, and a different colored Dog Tag so they can show off their achievements.
Kids Fitness Davie

Prepare them for the future

Do not let your child grow up without understanding the value of a healthy lifestyle.

FitRanX gives your child realistic and achievable goals they will have fun reaching.

Dear Parent,
If you are like most parents, you view your children as the most valuable thing in your life.  You would do any and everything to keep them safe and healthy.  You also understand the safety extends beyond the dangers of talking to strangers or association with the wrong type of people.  Concerned parents like yourself understand that some of the most "scary" things that can happen to our children are associated with what they eat & how active they are.

As a concerned parent you are well aware of the benefits of proper nutrition and regular activity. Unfortunately, we live in a world far different from the one you and I grew up in where playing outside with friends all day was as common as going to school, EVERYBODY did it.

Now days, the only time our kids gets any REAL exercise is IF the play a team sport.  If not, the only exercise that most kids get is using their thumbs to text!

Having your child participate in a system like FitRanX will ensure that they have the tools necessary to succeed in their fitness goals.  They will become stronger, more knowledgeable, & confident!

All The Best,

Coach Joey

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