Warrior Fitness Camp is a health and fitness organization located in Davie, Florida created to help the average person lose weight, gain energy, pack on lean muscle and simply live healthier lives. We take the ordinary person and make them EXTRAoridnary! We offer you the best fitness classes and best workout you will ever have in your life.  We also specialize in the Obstacle Course Race Training. We are an official SPARTAN SGX Gym! Lets get you ready for your first, or next Obstacle Course Race!

My name is Coach Joey Salpietro (NASM Certified Personal Trainer/ Precision Nutrition L1 Certified Coach/Spartan SGX Coach/ Spartan Obstacle Specialist/USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach/ USA Powerlifting Club Coach/FitRanx Certified Instructor/Insanity Certified Instructor) aka " Coach Joey" and I've helped over 100's people in the last year hit their health and fitness goals. I had a vision to create an organization of elite fitness and health professionals so you can tap  into the best information, methods, and techniques to get real solid results. There is no fluff here at Warrior Fitness Camp, just straight to the core methods that actually work. Sorry, we have no magic pills. If you are willing to put in the work, we are willing to push you to the finish line.  Are You Ready?

We offer everything from Small Group Fitness Classes, Small Group Personal Training, One on One Personal Training,  Outdoor HIIT Camp, Spartan SGX Training, Online Personal Training, and Nutrition Coaching. We are dedicated to helping you achieve all of your health and fitness goals. We understand the world is moving into a virtual space, so if you don't live locally in the Davie Florida area we carefully created online programs that are guaranteed to get you the results your looking for. You will have a coach with you every step of the way of your health and fitness journey.


Our Training Philosophy

We want to help you build life changing habits. We focus on teaching you skills that you aren't going to un-learn. Long term success is our goal. This comes from knowledge, progression, accountability, adaptability.  It's not about being perfect it's about progression.


Davie's Premiere OCR Training Camp. Whether you’re an elite racer or a beginner to fitness, we have the coaches and classes for you to have fun and be challenged!  Warrior Fit and Spartan SGX provides you with a unique way to take charge of your fitness goals and keep things interesting with a variety of exercises not found at your typical gym.  This is a great way to workout with your friends and loved ones, or if you’re looking for like minded good people this is the place for you!

Fitranx Level UP

“Be a part of the Revolutionary NEW way to get in shape and stay motivated.”
Join the Warrior Fitness Camp FitRanX® Team Today!

FitRanX is a comprehensive and standardized ranking system used for gauging individuals’ fitness levels. This is not a system based on how long you have been at a facility or how much your trainer thinks you have improved. This is a REAL ranking system that took years to develop and perfect.

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Why Online Fitness Coaching?

Lets face it, one on one personal training can be extremely expensive 100.00/hr. Not many people can afford that high price ticket. Online fitness coaching alleviates that financial struggle at a fraction of the cost. Some people don't like that attention of everyone looking at them in the gym during a personal training session, but they still want the assistance. Online fitness coaching still tailors to the individuals needs so they get results. Not only that, the accountability factor is extremely important. Technology today allows us to still correct your movements in exercise. Our goal is to put together custom workout routines specifically geared toward the results you desire.

Why Online Nutrition Coaching?

Once again, working with specialized individuals can be extremely costly. Online nutrition coaching alleviates that financial struggle at a fraction of the cost. Many of us are lost when it comes to what foods we can eat, and at what times to eat it. When an accountability coach is involved and the support you need is at your fingertips your success rate is much higher.  Not only will you learn how to eat a proper nutrition again, we have the tools in place so you don't go back to those bad habits and backslide. We took all the guess work out for you and applied a proven system that is sure to get you the results you desire or your money back.


We love hearing from you. Contact on of our experts for a FREE NO OBLIGATION TRANSFORMATION SESSION. You have nothing to LOSE but the WEIGHT.